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Athlete Hydration and Nutrition

Educate your athletes on the importance of proper hydration and nutrition, as well as what fuel choices to make in real world scenarios.

Hydration, Nutrition

Athlete's Plate: Easy Training Day

Help your athletes navigate the best nutrition options for easy training days.

Athlete Tool, Nutrition

Athlete's Plate: Hard Training Day

Help your athletes make smarter nutritional choices on hard training days.

Athlete Tool, Nutrition

Athlete's Plate: Moderate Training Day

Help your athletes get the right nutrients they need on moderate training days.

Athlete Tool, Nutrition

Evaluation of Performance Nutrition Related Research

Use this matrix from Graeme Close, PhD; Andreas Kasper, PhD; and James Morton, PhD from Liverpool John Moores University to help critically evaluate performance nutrition research.

Nutrition, Professional Development

Foods & Fluids for Strength Training

Strength training plays a crucial role in athlete performance. Help your athletes identify how and when they need to be fueling.

Nutrition, Performance

Fueling and Hydrating the Athlete

Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, explains how sports nutrition can be the key to fueling the success of your athletes on and off the field.

Hydration, Nutrition

Go Inside Nutrition When Your Athletes are Hurt

Helping your athletes determine which nutritioin choices to make after an injury can help ensure a proper recovery.

Nutrition, Athlete Tool

Helping Athletes Recover With Protein

Knowing which proteins to choose—and why—after competition can help ensure your athletes recover properly.

Nutrition, Recovery

Increase Recovery and Decrease Injury

UC Davis' Keith Baar explains how you can help your athletes avoid injury and stay on the field by understanding some of the most common causes for athlete injury and how to reduce them.

Nutrition, Recovery
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