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The Hydration Continuum

Use this Gatorade hydration portfolio chart to easily identify the best hydration option for each level of activity and competition with your athletes.

Understanding Electrolytes and Hydration

Help your athletes gain a better understanding of sodium’s role in the process of electrolyte replacement, how fluid loss impacts performance, and what they can do to help their body maintain fluid balance.

Beyond the Books: How to Effectively Communicate the Science Behind the Performance

Hear from leading GSSI experts Kevin Luhrs, MS, RD, CSCS and Kimberly Stein, PhD, as they discuss best practices for breaking down sports science in an effective and engaging way—whether for athletes, students, or colleagues.

From Student to Scientist: Fostering Strong Relationships to Get Started in Your Career

Hear from leading Gatorade Sports Science Institute experts Rebecca Randell, PhD and Bridget Sopeña, MS as they share career advice, provide best practices for fostering mentor relationships, and tips to help young professionals get their foot in the door as a sports performance professional.

The Protein Portfolio

Help your athletes choose the best recovery and muscle-building options with this handy guide to our expansive protein drink offering.

How To Be An Active Ally

Equip yourself with tips and resources from Chelsea Williams on how to be a better ally within the workplace and with your athletes.

Combating Mental Health Symptoms in Athletes

Help your athletes tackle the challenges of mental health illness and the stressors that can trigger symptoms.

The Guiding Motivators Driving Every Person

Gain a better understanding of the main human motivators in order to help manage the stress related to COVID-19 and beyond.

Using the Gx Sweat Patch

Hear from experts at GSSI as they dive into applying and utilizing the Gx Sweat Patch with your teams in this education session. Gx Teams pairs with the single-use Gx Sweat Patch to teach you more about how your athletes sweat during activity, provide you with unique sweat profile data, and offer science-backed hydration recommendations for your athletes.

How to Use Gx Teams and Sweat Test Your Team

Hear from the experts at GSSI as they highlight how Gx Teams can help you manage the preparation, training, and recovery needs of your athletes in this education session.

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