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Sports Nutrition and Hydration for Female Athletes

Download this in-depth resource to gain an understanding of evidence-based recommendations to support the nutrition and hydration needs of female athletes.

Adapted Track & Field Guide For Schools

Unlock the potential of inclusion and diversity in your track and field program with Move United's comprehensive resource tailored for adapted track & field.

Foods and Fluids for Golf

Golfers endure a variety of climates that can impact their performance. This guide outlines the essential food and fluids needed for optimal functioning during play. Learn helpful nutrition information for before, during, and after a round, including strategies, examples, and more.

GSSI Sports Nutrition For Basketball

Download and explore this in-depth resource to gain a better understanding of how to turn science-backed recommendations into practical applications with basketball players.

Critical Collaboration: Medical Staff and Athletic Trainers

Don't Miss Out: Stream this discussion featuring performance staff members from the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals as they delve into the collaboration strategies between medical staff and athletic trainers in preparing for on-field emergencies.

Resting Energy Expenditure

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute measured the resting energy expenditure in over 100 teen athletes across eight sports to better understand the average starting point for daily calorie intake in athletes.

This video explains the importance of understanding caloric intake on rest days versus performance days and how athletes can fuel properly for training and recovery.

Setting New ATs Up for Success

Don’t Miss Out: In collaboration with the Excellence in Secondary School Athletic Training (ESSAT), sports performance leaders from across the industry sat down to discuss strategies and tips every young professional should implement to grow their career.

"Beginning Day 1" Checklist: How to Coach and Support Women and Teen Girl Athletes

Download this checklist from Gatorade and the Women's Sports Foundation to ensure you're creating an inclusive, safe, and empowering environment for your women and teen girl athletes.

"Beginning Day 1" Checklist: How to Serve as an Ally for LGBTQI+ Athlete Inclusion

Being an ally starts with a desire to learn. Download this inclusion checklist to gain a better understanding of how you can create a safe and inclusive space that promotes diversity and respect for all athletes.

"Beginning Day 1" Checklist: How to Coach and Support Athletes with Physical Disabilities

Download this checklist for a better understanding of how you can differentiate between the types of disabilities, and gain the information you need to create an inclusive environment where every athlete can thrive in high school sports.

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