Sports Nutrition and Hydration for Female Athletes

Download this in-depth resource to gain an understanding of evidence-based recommendations to support the nutrition and hydration needs of female athletes.
May 08, 2024
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It is crucial that the well-being and performance of female athletes are supported by evidence-based recommendations. Within this toolkit, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute provides sports nutrition and hydration guidelines specifically for practitioners working with female athletes, offering information and resources required to support health and performance.

the cover of the Sports Nutrition and Hydration for Female Athletes report

Topics covered include:

  • Dietary carbohydrate, protein and fat needs
  • Pre, during and after exercise fueling strategies
  • Menstrual cycle information and guidance
  • Energy availability
  • Supplement overviews and strategies

Check out the “Dietary Carbohydrate” chapter now, with the full resource coming soon.