About Us

Welcome to Gatorade Performance Partner, the first multidisciplinary community of sports performance professionals, backed by the leader in sports fuel.

Gatorade was developed in 1965 by scientists at the University of Florida to help the Gators football team train and compete in the swamp-like heat. Invented in the lab and proven on the field, Gatorade is continually innovating to give athletes the scientifically-backed athletic fueling solutions they need when, where and how they need them most.

With over 50 years of science, research and innovation, Gatorade is committed to supporting all of the dedicated sports performance professionals who devote themselves to improving the health and performance of their athletes.

Our Gatorade Performance Partner community is built on the fundamentals that we believe have the greatest impact on sports performance professionals at every level:

  • Advance your knowledge through complimentary CEUs and professional development opportunities.
  • Improve the overall health and performance of your athletes with the help of science-backed resources.
  • Connect and collaborate with other members of the community and participate in exclusive partner events.

You fuel them. We fuel you. And together, we fuel greatness.