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Helping Athletes Recover With Protein

Knowing which proteins to choose—and why—after competition can help ensure your athletes recover properly.

Nutrition, Recovery

Increase Recovery and Decrease Injury

UC Davis' Keith Baar explains how you can help your athletes avoid injury and stay on the field by understanding some of the most common causes for athlete injury and how to reduce them.

Nutrition, Recovery

Innovating For The Locker Room: G ESSNTL

Ryan Nuccio, Senior Scientist at GSSI, discusses the benefits of Gatorade’s new product line, G ESSNTL.


Nutrition Notes: How Protein Helps Athletes

Share this with your athletes to give them a simple look under the hood of their bodies to see how protein helps rebuild their muscles.

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Nutrition's Role in Soft Tissue Injury Recovery

Give your athletes the information they need to develop proper nutrition strategies when recovering from an injury.

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Recovery Foundations For Athletic Success

Steven Basham, MS, Scientist, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, explains how nutrition and hydration play a role in ensuring proper recovery for your athletes.


Recovery: Adapt and be Ready

Help your athletes identify the key takeaways for what, when, and how they should be eating to ensure proper recovery.


Replenish for a Full Recovery

Give your athletes an inside look at the importance of choosing the best fuel sources for replenishment and recovery.

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Sleep Well to Win: Sleep & Nutrition Tactics for Better Performance

Amy Bender, University of Calgary, explains how you can help your athletes gain a better understanding of how beneficial proper sleep can be when it comes to their recovery and performance.

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The Sports Benefits Of Sleep

Research continues to prove the benefits of sleep for athlete recovery.