Foods and Fluids for Golf

Golfers endure a variety of climates that can impact their performance. This guide outlines the essential food and fluids needed for optimal functioning during play. Learn helpful nutrition information for before, during, and after a round, including strategies, examples, and more.
March 05, 2024
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Nutrition and hydration heavily impact a golfer’s concentration, swing, and overall performance. When it comes to proper fueling, outside sports bring their own set of unique challenges.

Specified for golf, these guidelines start with detailed explanations of hydration and nutrition techniques before a game or practice. You’ll walk through how to fuel at every step of a game and even post-competition for maximum restoration. It considers hot and humid environments and how to calculate sweat rates to reduce fatigue and counter fluid loss.

In this document, you’ll find formulas to determine macronutrient and hydration needs, snack and recovery ideas, a real-world example, and a worksheet for practice. Sharing this with your athletes will ensure a game plan for effective hydration and nutrition.

The Food and Fluids for Golf resource