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Building a Protein Portfolio

Reid Reale, PhD and former Senior Scientist at GSSI, walks through the latest research on protein metabolism and how that has helped formulate a line of products for prime muscle recovery.


Encouraging Evidence-Based Practice in Professional Sport

David T. Martin, outlines ways to encourage evidence-based practices in professional sports.

Performance, Professional Development

Finding Balance: Innovating For Endurance Athletes

Matt Pahnke, PhD and Principal Scientist at GSSI, discusses the latest product innovations for endurance athletes and provides recommendations on how to keep them hydrated.


Foods & Fluids for Strength Training

Strength training plays a crucial role in athlete performance. Help your athletes identify how and when they need to be fueling.

Nutrition, Performance

Fuel School - Carbs

Why should a block be a letdown when it could be a touchdown? Fuel School is in.

Athlete Tool, Performance, Football

Nutrition For The 24/7 Athlete

Louise M. Burke of the Australian Institute of Sport, outlines the characteristics of bespoke performance nutrition for the 24/7 athlete.

Nutrition, Performance

Nutrition Notes: Carbs For Performance

Use this video to explain how eating the right amounts and types of carbs help keep fuel stores topped off for top performance.

Athlete Tool, Performance

Nutrition Notes: Fuel Sources For Performance

Help your athletes identify which fuel sources to choose-and why-to help them take their performance to the next level.

Performance, Athlete Tool

Sleep Well to Win: Sleep & Nutrition Tactics for Better Performance

Amy Bender, University of Calgary, explains how you can help your athletes gain a better understanding of how beneficial proper sleep can be when it comes to their recovery and performance.

Performance, Recovery

Sports Science Trends

Advances in sports science are growing rapidly, from nutrition and recovery to strength and conditioning and injury prevention.

Professional Development, Performance
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