GSSI Sports Nutrition for Basketball: Hydration Strategies

Preview the Hydration overview chapter of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute’s Sports Nutrition for Basketball book. This chapter of the book covers topics ranging from the effect of dehydration on basketball-specific performance to an overview of sweat loss and fluid balance in basketball athletes.
October 03, 2023
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This chapter includes hydration strategies to ensure players are well-hydrated before, during and after practice/competition, and suggestions for practical assessment techniques. Heavy sweaters are particularly at risk for dehydration during training/games and should follow personalized fluid intake strategies on-court based on their sweat profiles. Ensuring appropriate off-court (pre- and post-exercise) hydration habits is important for all players since basketball athletes commonly show up to practice/competition with uring concentrations that may be indicative of dehydration.

Full Book Coming Soon...

GSSI Sports Nutrition for Basketball Book

The GSSI Sports Nutrition for Basketball book will cover various sports nutrition topics regarding fueling and hydrating the basketball player, recovery nutrition, dietary supplements, injury nutrition, and practical strategies when traveling. The book will also discuss metabolic demands of the game, physiology profile of basketball players, practical aspects of monitoring load along with sleep and recovery modalities. The goal of the book is to provide a practical approach for influencers working with basketball players to help fuel their performance on the court and help players recover off-the-court. Specifically, how to put science backed recommendations into practice with your players.

two athletes hydrating after a workout