GSSI Sports Nutrition Toolkit

Comprising over four decades of Gatorade Sports Science Institute research within the fields of sports nutrition and performance, the Sports Nutrition Toolkit delivers introductory materials on the fundamental topics in sports nutrition to support best practices.
September 13, 2022
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This comprehensive toolkit provides sports nutritionists with introductory materials covering fundamental sports nutrition topics, including athlete consultations and dietary analysis, nutrition monitoring, nutrition interventions, and individualized meal planning.

Practitioners will find checklists, decision trees, assessment worksheets and questionnaires, templates, nutritional breakdowns, and a wealth of supporting research to help modify and adapt each tool to meet the unique needs of their athletes.

The content was authored by GSSI Scientists Liam Brown, MSc and Dr. Ian Rollo, PhD, with support from Caroline Tarnowski, MSc; Rebecca Randell, PhD; Kevin Luhrs, MS; Eric Freese, PhD; Khalil Lee, PhD; and James Carter, PhD.

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