it's more than a bottle.

Welcome to the Gatorade Hydration Challenge

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The Challenge

Challenge your athletes to follow their personal hydration plan for as long as possible. The challenge will give your athletes the opportunity to improve their daily hydration routine and see their bottle as a way to take their performance to the next level.

Challenge Goals

  • Help Improve your team's hydration routine
  • Push your team's athletic potential
  • Empower your athletes to see and feel the impact proper hydration can have on their performance
  • Create a memorable way for your athletes to experience the value of proper hydration
How it Works

3 Easy Steps:

your athletes to calculate their own personal hydration plan using their Challenge Scorecard, and stick to their plan for as many days in a row as possible.
athlete progress via their Challenge Scorecard. Every day they stick to their challenge, they earn a BOLT. The more consecutive BOLTs they earn, the longer their streak.
your team’s success with the Gatorade Performance Partner community by posting on social media using #GatoradeHydrationChallenge.

Participation Tips

Here are a few ways to customize your challenge and help keep your athletes motivated to participate.

Track Your Improvement
  • Encourage athletes to record performance levels at the start of the challenge so they can easily track improvement.
  • Establish check-in points to see how your athletes are feeling both on and off the field.
  • Conduct mid-season evaluations to see how hydration is impacting your team’s overall performance.