National High School Strength Coaches Association National Annual Conference

June 28, 2019 to June 29, 2019

Battle Ground Academy

Franklin, TN

Conference Details

Gatorade is proud to support the Annual NHSCCA National Conference. We will be offering a variety of opportunities to meet with, recognize and support the continuing education of strength and conditioning coaches at the conference, including:

Gatorade Exhibit Booth

Date/Time TBD
Stop by the Gatorade booth to sample the newest fuel products and build your own athlete resource toolkit with Gatorade Performance Partner resources.

Education Session
Date/Time TBD
This session will provide an overview of GSSI’s recovery programming, including discussions on how resting, replenishing, rehydrating and rebuilding are all vital to an athlete's success. This session will end with practical applications of the research that the attendees can implement in their programs.

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