2 July - 5 July, 2024

ECSS Annual Congress 2024

Join to hear from the leading experts in the fields of sports science and network with sports practitioners from across the globe.
2 July

Masterclass: Research in Women Athletes

9:00–10:30 BST
Location: SEC Centre | Boisdale 1

Join GSSI Associate Principal Scientist Dr. Rebecca Randell as she discusses the critical gap in female athlete research, exploring the unique physiological needs of women across various life stages and the challenges and opportunities for conducting high-quality research in this cohort.

Participants will engage in discussions on recent advancements, appropriate research methods, and collaborative proposal development to advance the understanding of female physiology in sports.

GSSI Sports Nutrition Award Presentations

12:00–13:00 BST
Location: SEC Armadillo | Gala Room

GSSI Symposium

15:15–17:30 BST
Location: SEC Armadillo | Clyde Auditorium

Advancing Human Exercise Physiology: Integrating Sports Nutrition, Sports Science, and AI Innovations
Join us for a multi-session presentation and Q&A that will tap into human exercise physiology, sports nutrition, and artificial intelligence — exploring how they intersect in athlete performance and recovery optimization.

  • Session 1: The Value of Contemporary Human Physiology in Sport and Exercise Sciences
    Prof. Paul Greenhaff, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Session 2: Nutrition to Augment Physiology (in Sports Performance)
    Prof. Louise Burke, Australian Catholic University, Australia
  • Session 3: Evaluation of Interventions to Maximise Adaptation and/or Restore Physiological Function After Exercise
    Prof. Shona Halson, Australian Catholic University, Australia
  • Session 4: Artificial Intelligence in Exercise and Sports Science: The reality, the hype, the promises, and the pitfalls
    Dr. Ali Boolani, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, US
4 July

Sports Nutrition Interest Group (SNIG) Meeting

18:30–20:30 BST
Location: SEC Centre | Room M1 (1st floor)

The Sports Nutrition Interest Group (SNIG) is open to any individual with an academic or professional interest in sports nutrition, hydration and/or dietetics. The aims of this group are to provide an informal forum for discussions, opportunities, collaborations, and problem solving within these and other related fields.