Gx Teams

Sweat test like the pros with the Gx Teams app.

Easily manage the preparation, training,
and recovery needs of your athletes.

With Gx Teams, you can build out team rosters, manage workout schedules, create unique athlete sweat profiles, identify higher-need athletes, and more—all from your smartphone.


Track your teams & workouts

Build rosters, manage athletes, and share with the rest of your sports performance staff in just a
few taps. Schedule and customize your workouts to get individualized hydration
recommendations based on duration, intensity, and workout type.


Sweat test like the pros

Generate individualized sweat profiles, identify higher and lower-need athletes,
and help your team gain a better understanding of exactly what their body is
losing during activity.

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Data you can use

Pair the performance data gathered from the Gx Sweat Patch with fluid loss calculator to educate your team on the importance of proper hydration, and keep up with higher-need athletes. Get details on exactly how to read and apply Gx Teams data.

an athlete drinking Gatorade on the playing field for desktop browsers an athlete drinking Gatorade on the playing field for mobile browsers

Automated accountability

Implement hydration and fueling plans at the individual and teamwide levels and automate pre- and post-workout notifications to keep them on track. Explore all the Gx Teams resources to get the most out of your experience.